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Simply put... your satisfaction is our primary concern.


We offer free shipping on our standard size (37.5" diameter) fireballs and many other common sizes and orders in the continental United States. 

Additional shipping charges may apply to oversized, custom, and unique items. 

Additional charges may apply to unique and inaccessible delivery sites. 

Please contact us with shipping questions. 


Trucking routes and times may vary but most items arrive within a week of shipping. 


Standard orders are currently processed and shipped within 2 weeks.  

     Custom and larger items many have additional processing times and shipping charges. 

     International shipping charges are generally less that $450.  

International shipping is port to port.  Any additional taxes, levies, fees... are the responsibility of the purchaser. 

We do everything we can to deliver our products to you at a reasonable cost and exceed your expectations. 

Returns/replacements... within 30 days for any damaged or unacceptable items. 

Privacy... We respect your privacy.  We do not share or sell your information. 

For more information see our detailed polices...

  • Refund policy:

  • Privacy policy:

  • Terms of service:

  • Shipping policy:

or visit the following pages...

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